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They Doxxed Us, We Dox Them

Atlanta Committee for Progress

 Names and Addresses

On September 29, the Fulton County Clerk’s office scanned and uploaded the signatures, names, and full legal addresses of 116,000 civilians. These are the identities of a large number of people who signed a petition to convene a referendum on the future of Cop City. This process is being illegally suppressed by the government. While the Dickens administration and his lawyers use every legal trick they can to delay the referendum process, Brasfield & Gorrie and their subcontractors (thanks to money provided by Cadence Bank and the Atlanta City Council), are erecting barbed wire fence around Weelaunee. They are planning to move forward with construction no matter what the law says.

We are releasing the identities and addresses of the Atlanta Committee for Progress. This Committee represents the most influential and corrupt industrial and corporate interests in the state of Georgia. The Atlanta Way, as the governing ethos of the region is commonly known, is to their primary benefit. They coordinate contracts and mega projects with local Black officials in exchange for extractive profits and unlimited privatization. They are the white power behind the Black face of municipal politics. This movement must destroy their influence in regional affairs.

They are being targeted because the Mayor’s office surely prompted the Clerk to “accidentally” release the addresses of the signatories. Since they control the Mayor, we are targeting them directly. If the City Council cannot reign in the Mayor, maybe the ACP can. We will give them some pressure to do so.

Anyone who knows the home address of the Fulton County Clerk should publish that information.

We cannot allow our movement to be attacked directly without responding, even if we do not believe in the referendum process per se.

It is clear that the Mayor has lost his mind. Even his own Councilpeople are admitting that he rules like a monarch or dictator. He must step down. If he will not go willingly, he must be removed by other means. For that, we need to continue to increase participation in this bold and uncompromising movement without falling into chauvinistic sectarianism or political opportunism. We can’t expect apolitical civilians to fight against abstractions alone. They must learn step by step with their own experiences. Something they care about (their right to vote) is being attacked. We must turn this into a moment of popular education about the true function of the state, the violent reality behind the glimmering veneer of consent and democracy.

Not for petty vengeance or individual fulfillment — for the social revolution!
All together, step by step.

Free & Rowdy Party (Accountability Caucus)


Alan Shaw President & CEO, Norfolk Southern 382 PINELAND RD NW, ATLANTA, GA 30342

Angel Cabrera President, Georgia Institute of Technology 838 BROOKRIDGE DR NE, ATLANTA, GA 30306

Arthur M. Blank Owner & CEO, Atlanta Falcons 1080 W Paces Ferry Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30327

Brian Blake President, Georgia State University 1050 Wildwood Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30306

Carol B. Tome United Parcel Service 3775 RANDALL MILL RD NW, ATLANTA, GA 30327 [also a member of bulkhead coalition]

Chris Womack Chairman and CEO, Georgia Power 1107 VALLEY OVERLOOK DR, ATLANTA GA 30324

Claire Lewis Arnold CEO, Leapfrog Services, Inc. 248 THE PRADO NE, ATLANTA GA 30309

Dan Cathy Chairman, President, & CEO, Chick-fil-A, Inc. 186 PEEPLES ROAD, FAYETTEVILLE, GA 30215 7126

David A. Thomas President, Morehouse College 99 2ND AVE SE, ATLANTA GA 30317

David Sewell CEO, WestRock 4405 DAVIDSON AVE NE, ATLANTA, GA 30319

Dimitris Psillakis President and CEO, Mercedes-Benz USA LaVista Park, Brookhaven, GA

Donna Hyland President & CEO, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta 5364 LONG ISLAND DR NW, SANDY SPRINGS GA 30327

Elie Maalouf CEO, InterContinental Hotel Group, Americas somewhere in McLean, VA

Faye Twersky President, The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation 1820 PEACHTREE ST NW UNIT 1209, ATLANTA GA 30309

George T. French, Jr. President, Clark Atlanta University 691 Beckwith Street SW, Atlanta, GA 30314

Greg Fenves President, Emory University Lullwater House, Atlanta, GA

Helene Gayle President, Spelman College Reynolds Cottage, Atlanta, GA

James Hannan Executive Vice President, CEO of Enterprises, Koch Industries, Inc. 5250 LONDON DR NW, SANDY SPRINGS, GA 30327

James Quincey Chairman & CEO, The Coca-Cola Company 75 14TH ST NE #3120, ATLANTA, GA 30309 7606

Jeffrey S. Sloan Global Payments, Inc 5048 NORTHSIDE DR NW, SANDY SPRINGS, GA 30327

Jenna Kelly President, North Georgia Region, Truist somewhere in Charlotte, NC

John Haupert President & CEO, Grady Health System 145 15TH ST NE UNIT 1213, ATLANTA GA 30309

Matthew M. Bronfman CEO, Jamestown 1321 Bear Gap Rd, Lakemont, GA 30552

Michael Russell CEO, H.J. Russell & Company 1065 PEACHTREE ST NE UNIT 3104, Atlanta, GA 30309

Mike Hayford President & CEO, NCR 1301 PEACHTREE ST UNIT 5C, ATLANTA GA 30309

Paul Judge Founder, TechSquare Labs & & Chairman, PinDrop 3172 ASHFORD DUNWOODY RD NE, ATLANTA GA 30319-2750

Raphael Bostic President & CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta 2193 AZALEA CIR, DECATUR GA 30033-2609

Reade Fahs CEO, National Vision 1325 WESLEY PL NW, ATLANTA GA 30327

Scott Taylor President & CEO, Carter 3066 E PINE VALLEY RD, ATLANTA, GA 30305 1954

Steve Fisher Novelis 137 DUDLEY CT NW, SANDY SPRINGS, GA 30327 [also in Buckhead Coalition]

Ted Decker President & CEO, The Home Depot 4020 HEATHERWOOD WAY, ROSWELL GA 30075

Tony Ressler Principal Owner & Chair of the Board of Directors, Atlanta Hawks somewhere in Beverly Hills, CA

Venessa Harrison AT&T somewhere in Mableton, GA [also an APF member]

Wendy H. Stewart Bank of America 45 FORREST LAKE DR, ATLANTA GA 30327 [also in Buckhead Coalition]

Submitted Anonymously Over Email