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Mayor Dickens’ Address

The Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens lives at


Cop City was not his idea. He inherited this plan from his predecessor, Keisha Lance Bottoms. It was not her idea. She provides political cover for it from the Atlanta Police Foundation, the Atlanta Committee for Progress, the Buckhead Coalition, and other entities pushing for police militarization following the heroic 2020 revolt for George Floyd.

The Mayor, unlike many of the people we have documented recently, can unilaterally cancel the lease of the Atlanta Police Foundation at the Old Atlanta Prison Farm. When it comes to Cop City, he is the King. With a snap of his fingers, this project could end.

But he is a vassal king.

In reality, he is the Black face for the white power. He works for the many corporate superpowers competing for interest in Georgia, powers that depend on the police protect their assets and their estates from the super majority they exploit and displace.

Pushing the vassal king into crisis could drag supervening powers into the fray, provoking the hated governor Brian Kemp to increase his authority over the city governance. With the right timing, this could become a flashpoint with national consequences, as the 2024 electoral circus jumps into gear, and the GOP works to subvert elections in urban centers across the US.

Perhaps that’s a tall order.
At the least, paying Andre some visits or contacting him and his neighbors to cancel the lease with the APF could go a long way.

Free & Rowdy Party (Accountability Caucus)

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