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Clerk Address

You say Anyone who knows the home address of the Fulton County Clerk should publish that information. I believe he is: Foris Webb III, 709 Brookwood Dr, Marietta GA 30297. Married to Benita Webb, same address.   PLEASE CHECK MY WORK because I would hate to doxx an innocent man. The Clerk is not an […]

They Doxxed Us, We Dox Them

Atlanta Committee for Progress

 Names and Addresses On September 29, the Fulton County Clerk’s office scanned and uploaded the signatures, names, and full legal addresses of 116,000 civilians. These are the identities of a large number of people who signed a petition to convene a referendum on the future of Cop City. This process is […]

“There are People Destroying the Atlanta Forest and They Have Names and Addresses” Zine

READ/PRINT HERE Submitted Anonymously Over Email

Mayor Dickens’ Address

The Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens lives at 2989 COLLIER DR NW, ATLANTA, GA 30318 Cop City was not his idea. He inherited this plan from his predecessor, Keisha Lance Bottoms. It was not her idea. She provides political cover for it from the Atlanta Police Foundation, the Atlanta Committee for Progress, the Buckhead Coalition, and […]


After 15 hours of public comment at City Council on June 5th and 6th, the motion to provide an unknown amount of public funds — around $60,000,000 — was approved. The pressure to build Cop City is too immense from industrial and bureaucratic forces in higher levels of government for the City Council to resist. […]

Names and Addresses of Buckhead Coalition

The Buckhead Coalition are not building Cop City. But they do build consensus for it. It is on their behalf that the Atlanta Police Foundation speaks and acts. It is on their behalf that the City Council is considering this project to begin with. At spritzers, suit-and-tie parties, and galas, Andre Dickens sips champagne, eats […]

Members Of The Atlanta Police Foundation

Cop City must be stopped. It can be stopped. Toward that end, the forces behind the project have to be held to account for their obsinate and unyielding cynicism and wrongdoing. They are not as powerful as they may seem. They are human beings. Human beings with jobs and responsibilities. Human beings with flesh and […]

Poster of the Names and Addresses of the Murderers of Tortuguita

The cops felt intimidated by flyers¹??? free speech is not a felony!!! it’d be a shame if posters with the names and addresses of the bastards who murdered tort appeared in more of their towns… we’ve already been to newnan, carrollton, and marietta. that’s half the list… where will you visit? print this image or […]

Places you can watch TV!

Dekalb county judges Anna Watkins Davis and Gregory A. Adams seem to think it’s ok to hold comrades without bail on bogus charges. We disagree. To be clear, we’re totally not doxxing them, nor are we advocating going there, but here’s some info… Anna Watkins Davis and her husband Hal are often found watching TV […]